Chelsea - Part 1

April Stevenson

Posted on September 02 2018

Hello and welcome to my first ever blog. Firstly let me introduce myself. My name is Chelsea, Im am 21 years old and live in Lincoln with my partner of 3 years and my little freeloader, Milo. For anyone who doesn’t know who Milo is, then he’s my cat (I thought i would introduce him as i post about him a lot!). In September last year we all moved into our first home, number 99!! and this is where my instagram journey began as our home plays a big part in our lives and my instagram. We’re currently in the process of turning the new build shell we received into a warm family home! This process has made me realise I absolutely love interior design and with the help of many inspiring instagram accounts that i follow, i hope to achieve a perfect home for my little family. Since starting this journey on instagram, i have found some fantastic businesses, each offering fantastic products and ideas, these are some of my favourites:





(please go and check out these fabulous instagram pages) I have made some brilliant friends on insta who have helped me through some difficult within the last few months. I love the insta community and the love people have for each other.

Anyway, that’s enough about me, onto telling you lovely lot the story on my most recent project, tiling our kitchen. When we first put the deposit down on our house, Barrett Homes gave us the option of deciding on what colour units and cupboards we wanted etc. We went for a very modern grey/brown coloured work top and white cupboards - we both love the white/ grey theme as you will notice from my posts, it runs all the way through the house! When we moved in on the 30th September we fell in-love with the house instantly but as we started to live in it we felt like the kitchen was missing something. So 7 months on and more and more random food marks appearing on the back wall of the kitchen, we both felt like it needed something else, so we thought, tiles! And so began our first experience into the unpredictable world of tradesman. As this was all new to us we did our research on how much these things cost etc. I started to phone around asking for quotes but the cost was way more than we could afford at that time and seemed alot for the size of our kitchen. Money was tight, as you would expect! But, as we had already found the perfect tiles the week before (Me and my partner are very spontaneous!) we new we had to find someone that could do the job for us. We were lucky enough to know a friend of my other halfs who would do it for us - a bottle of Captain Morgan later and the tiles were complete. We both are so pleased with the result and it really does bring the kitchen together!



Tiles : link below

I hope you enjoyed reading and follow me on instagram for lots more photos -

Username: chelsnewbuildat99




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