Carly Jade Drake - Part 1

April Stevenson

Posted on September 02 2018

Hey everyone! I just can’t quite believe that I’m writing my first ever blog post! When @alottastyle first asked me to do a guest blog post for them I was so excited! Although I can’t lie I was a little a bit nervous about actually having to write something down because I’m so used to just talking in front of a camera! 

Let me introduce myself! My names Carly, I am a Youtuber who love’s to blog about Home, Lifestyle and Motherhood. I have recently set up an Instagram account called @myhomemadewithlove which I’m absolutely obsessed with! I love to share my Home, DIY’s, bargain finds, cleaning tips and I’m constantly updating everyone on my instagram story! 

Which brings me to my latest project and what my blog post is about…my new bathroom! When I first moved in, the bathroom to me was awful! It even had a carpet in it! So to make due we freshened it up…



As you can see I went for a “beach themed” bathroom, which I think, is everyone’s natural bathroom theme to go for but when I decided to redecorate three years on, I thought this is so not me! The only thing I wanted to keep was the floor, which would go perfectly with my new theme.



This time I wanted it white, grey and marble and whilst out shopping for new bathroom bits I spotted a geometric plant pot, which I loved so much I wanted to incorporate geometric to! 

First I removed everything from the bathroom and gave it a big clean, anything I didn’t want I sold to buy some new things, I like to think of it as recycling! Next I painted all the walls. I wanted all the walls white except one wall, which I was making my feature wall, and this I painted grey slate from B&Q’s own range! I thought the dark grey would contrast well with the white and marble and bring a bit of depth! I then used some marble contact paper to apply to the tiles, which is also from B&Q at £6.50. The contact paper is so easy to apply and looks incredibly good!


That’s my blank canvas prepared,will always then section the room into parts and go round that way! I started with my feature wall; I always knew I wanted to have picture shelves after seeing so many beautiful ones on Instagram. I couldn’t get the right size from Ikea so I ended up buying some from B&M and spraying themI can honestly say they turned out really well! I laid out the shelves purposely to cover a horrible plug socket we didn’t use and this is where Alottastyle came into it! I bought a frame and needed a print to fill it. I have always followed them since the day I started my home account so I wanted to shop with them! They have always been so lovely to me and followed my journey since day 1. This is when they offered me an exclusive on their new geometric range, which is when I picked the leaf print in light grey. It fits in so perfectly with my bathroom and I’m so pleased with it all!


I really hope you all enjoyed my first blog post as much as I did writing it! If you want to come over and say hi on my instagram or youtube I would love to hear from you! Thank you so much to @alottastyle for the opportunity. 

Carly x


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