Aimee & James - Part 2

April Stevenson

Posted on September 02 2018

When we were asked if we'd be interested in writing blogs as guests on Alotta Styles site, we instantly knew it was the perfect opportunity.


In our last blog we wrote about sharing our penny saving finds, and it wasn't hard in choosing our first project to tell you about. We get a lot of messages asking about ours glass balustrade, so this will be our first! 


When you walk around for the first time after getting the keys to your new home, you see things in a different view to when you're being shown around by the estate agent. It was in this moment that we realised how dark and dingy our landing felt. image1.jpeg


We knew a few tins of white paint would rejuvenate it to a certain extent, but something else was needed! We'd already agreed on having LED spot lights on the landing but knew during the day these wouldn't be on.


The idea then came about of possibly having a glass balustrade to allow more light to filter up from the downstairs, and after reaching for our phones and using good old Google, we loved the modern and classy look we saw.. 


Due to the fact it wasn't an 'off the shelf' product, we knew it would have to be custom made, and as we settled in for our first night in our new house we took to the internet to find companies who could supply what we wanted.


The following afternoon we received emails and quotes from the two companies to whom we had submitted our dimensions too. 


It certainly wasn't what we had hoped or expected. The cheapest of the quotes came in at £946 and the second £1024 with installation available at an added cost! Our budget meant these options were impossible! 


It was at this point we realised we had to find a compromise if we wanted this look. The price shocked us, and the more we spoke about it, we couldn't understand how a simple frame, a piece of glass and four mounting brackets for the glass was £1000! 


The penny dropped at this point!


A trip to B&Q and we found everything we needed for the frame! The end post, hand rail, bottom piece, and finally the half post that sits up against the wall.


Next came a call to our local glass supplier who gave us a rough price (couldn't get exact price until frame work was installed). The last piece of the jigsaw puzzle was four glass clamps which came from eBay.


The prices came in at...


  • £120 toughened glass (local glass supplier) we over estimated our sizes to make sure it wasn't anymore than we budgeted for.
  • £94 wooden frame (B&Q)
  • £24 four glass clamps (eBay) 


We easily took down the old stud walled balustrade and, in order to obtain a good finish, contacted a local carpenter who gave us a price of £180 to install the framework (half a day's work).image2.jpeg


This left the task of giving it a couple of coats of paint, fitting the glass clamps equally and then finally measuring up for the glass.


A week later the glass arrived and between us we manoeuvred it into position, tightened the clamps, stood back and admired! 


We were over the moon with the finished product! 


In total it came in at £418! A massive 56% cheaper than our cheapest quote to just supply materials.


We admit that our frame is made from wood as opposed to stainless steel from the ready supplied kit but I don't think it warrants a 56% increase in price. 


The feedback we have had from Instagram have been amazing and only confirms our view as a successful project! 



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Thanks for reading. 


A & J

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